Thursday, November 6, 2008

Introducing our newest products.... eco-friendly jewelry!

Terra Furnishings is proud to announce that we have recently launched a line of eco-friendly jewelry from Naturaleza Jewelry in Louisville, Kentucky. This collection incorporates all-natural materials to produce stunning creations for both every-day wear and that special occasion.

The craftsman behind these one-of-a-kind items is Marlon Obando Solano. Marlon was born in rural San Lorenzo, Nicaragua. He spent his formative years exploring the surrounding forests and mountains, learning about seeds, nuts and different types of wood.

His artistic process begins by collecting seeds and fallen wood from the forest floor. He then dries, cleans and cures his materials before carving, sanding and inlaying them to create his unique necklaces, earrings and rings. Marlon's work reflects his cultural heritage and nature and he is always experimenting with new design elments and innovative uses of natural materials.

Please have a look at Marlon's work at the Terra Furnishings website. Check back often for new jewelry from this amazing artist.


seekngsane said...

Oh! I make green jewelry in that I make earrings from tuna cans and bottle caps! pic on my Artzstuf site! link on my blog "Green is not a 4 letter word!"


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It's really cool. I love them because they are eco-friendly and besides the rustic touch tey give to your frame... mmm...perfect earrings. Especially teenagers love them.

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wow IT looks amazing, I love this kind of erring, they are really lovely, thank you so much for sharing...

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