Friday, March 15, 2013

Earth Day is April 22, 2013 - an ideal time to engage friends and neighbors in Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. 

Here are 4 practical tools for turning green pledges into actions: 

  1. Bicycle Routes and Directions in Google Maps: Search for bike trails and directions to work, school and other places. You can also search for public transit and walking options to your destinations:  
  2. Earth911 Recycling: This online directory contains recycling information for over 300 materials - from batteries to paint. Enter your zip code to find your nearest recycling options: Also available is an environmental hotline: 1-800 CLEANUP® and free mobile app iRecycle®. Find over 100 more green apps here: 
  3. Power Profiler for Clean Electricity Options: How clean is the electricity you use at home? Input your zip code into this web tool from the U.S. EPA to find out. In many regions, utilities offer residents the option to choose cleaner, more environmentally friendly sources of energy. Contact your local provider for information. Power Profiler: 
  4. Eco Labels: Want to know what's really in the products you buy and how they may impact your health and well being? Get the scoop from Greener Choices by Consumer Reports. Use the online search tool to get an expert evaluation of labels on food, wood, personal care products and household cleaners:


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